HP ELITEBOOK REVIEW: Make business a pleasure!


What do we all look for in a premium, high performance, and ?Elite? business laptop? Just that it works like a charm, is good looking enough to make an entrance of its own, and is secure to the extent of making not-so-secure counterparts run for money. Is it too much to ask from a single laptop? I guess it?s not, because HP EliteBook has made me rethink about my opinions about a premium grade business laptop.

Before owning an EliteBook, I was using a normal mid-performance laptop from another brand, which was literally making my work harder, than making it easier for me. Ever since I have switched to HP EliteBook 1040, I have realized that I have started enjoying my work more than before. It?s easier to operate and has some awesome computing power under its hood. It has never left me stranded in the middle of a meeting like my previous device, and getting a compliment or two about how classy my laptop looked, is something that everyone would love.

HP EliteBook trumps every other laptop in its class for me. It?s a complete device that fits well within our lifestyle and also kind of adjusts to it. It has some outstanding 18 Hrs. long battery life, which means that you don?t have to be docked all the time to a single place, even when you are in the office. Freedom is all a creative human need when he/she is working, and EliteBook allows that freedom in a very graceful packaging and equally powerful stuffed performance.

It weighs around 1.38 Kgs; which is light enough to carry around wherever you go. And if you are a pro-active professional just like me, who is always on the move, HP EliteBook will prove to be the best companion for you. It will be there whenever you need it, and be ready to go again before you know.

HP EliteBook Family has different model series? to suit the needs of different professionals ? HP EliteBook 1050, HP EliteBook 1040, HP EliteBook 800 Series, and HP EliteBook 700 Series are all performance beasts ready to make your life easier and fun again. You can choose one of the devices from the list as per your usage needs, and preference, and be ready to be the member of ?Elite Professionals community?.


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