Microsoft Azure

Exploit the full power of Azure

Microsoft Azure is a recognized leader in both private and public cloud. It is an open cloud, providing a choice to use the technologies you want and have already invested in. Azure provides a fully integrated set of IaaS and PaaS capabilities, which complement and integrate with on-premises systems.

IT Jack is the most experienced Microsoft Azure cloud services partner with more Microsoft Certified Professionals on Azure than any other Microsoft partner. But we focus on more than just moving you to Azure. We help you get the most from the speed, scalability and economics that Azure provides to fully exploit the power of Azure faster and with less risk.

Maximize benefits enabled by cloud

Navigating all your cloud options can be complex and time-consuming. This is where Avanade’s Cloud Advisory services can help. We understand that each business is unique, and we provide the insights, strategies and planning support you need to adopt cloud technologies and capabilities to maximize results for your business. Our life cycle approach to cloud helps to deliver business value at every stage. We’ll help you:
  • Realize business objectives with a comprehensive business case strategy.
  • Understand and choose the right cloud infrastructure, services and application strategy for your business.
  • Reduce the complexity of managing your cloud ecosystem with a tailored managed services strategy.


Using a cloud computing platform service like Windows Azure provides companies with numerous benefits.
Faster time to market– Since you don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure or platform and only focus on developing the functionality of your business application it is completed in a fraction of the time, thus reducing your time to market.
Reduced costs– Since you are only paying for what you are using, the pay-as-you-grow model, reduces the upfront costs. Since Microsoft can pass on volume discounts to their customers the ongoing costs are also lower than if you were to host the full platform yourself.
Increased scalability– As your customer base grows and the usage of your application increases you can just add additional capacity to make sure your application is running smoothly. You don’t ever have to worry about running out of server capacity.
More flexibility and creativity– Applications are very quickly deployed to the Windows Azure platform which means that changes are applied without any downtime.


  • Azure Management
  • AZURE Portal
  • AZURE Management Studio
  • Azure Powershell
  • Azure Script Center


  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Migration and Development Services
  • Deployment and Manage Services
  • Tools and Solutions
  • AI + machine learning
  • Analytics
  • Compute
  • Containers
  • Databases
  • Developer tools
  • DevOps
  • Hybrid + multicloud
  • Identity
  • Integration
  • Internet of Things
  • Management and governance
  • Media
  • Migration
  • Mixed reality
  • Mobile
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Web