Multi Service IoT Gateways

Eurotech Multi Service Gateway
A versatile gateway for multiple applications
Eurotech gateway is your on-field device that:

  • Communicates with sensors
  • Collects data through different OT connectivity protocols like MODBUS, CANBUS, Analog,
  • Digital, Serial, and more
  • Stores data locally
  • Sends data to Everyware cloud
  • Secures the data traffic with 256-bit encryption
  • Transmits the data through secure MQTT
  • Ensures device authenticity through digital certificate
  • Offers various communication options like Wi-Fi, Ethernet & Cellular to transfer data to cloud.

Suitable for all industry verticals like:

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Healthcare

It integrates seamlessly with Everyware Cloud making it a perfect match for your connected
ecosystem. Everyware Software Framework (ESF) gives you the flexibility to deploy your
own bundle and certify the gateway.

Subscription Renewal & Deployment Services

Microsoft Services

Vintech offers a wide range of Deployment and Migration services for Various
Microsoft Products such as:

  • Microsoft Licensing Solutions – Consulting, Deployment and Migration services for:
  1. Windows Servers, MS SharePoint, MS Exchange, System Centre and SQLplatforms
  2. Cloud Services with Office 365 and Windows Azure
  3. Deployment of Skype/Lync for communications and collaboration
VMWare Services: Design & Deployment
  • Capacity planning to convert from physical to virtual environment
  • Virtualized environment assessment, VSphere Optimization Assessment Services
  • vSphere, VCOPS, VSOM, VDPA, SRM, VCloud Suite deployment services
Citrix Deployment & Subscription Renewal:
  • XenDesktop Services
  • XenApp Services
  • XenMobile Services
  • NetScaler Services
Security Services
  • Basic Firewall configuration & subscription renewal
  • Advanced Firewall configuration
  • Network assessment services
  • Implementation of security solutions
Network Services
    • Site assessment & design
    • Basic Switch configuration and AMC services for CISCO & Aruba
    • Advance Switch configuration
    • Router configuration
    • Passive network design & deploymentWireless network site survey
    • Campus wide WIFI

Smart Displays

Smart Displays: Andon

Saves time and prevents delays & accidents on your shop floor.
Andon Production Display shows you:

  • Production target figures
  • Emergency alerts
  • Accident-free days
  • Safety parameters
  • Equipment issues

Features and benefits:

  • Ability to connect to your ERP and Assembly line
  • Rugged and sturdy
  • Built for dusty and greasy environments
  • Sustains high-ambient temperature
Smart cities have smart transportation

LED Display Signs of all sizes to show

  • Routes
  • Passenger on-boarding alerts
  • Destinations
  • Next Stop

Best suited for

  • Buses
  • Metro railways
  • Airports
  • Any other transportation needs
Smart Displays: Variable Messaging

All industry verticals like

  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Retail outlets

Can use VMS or Matrix Sign for

  • Smart safety messages
  • Emergency alerts
  • Informative messages
  • Marketing messages

Smart Products

Traction Battery

Smart Battery Monitoring System
If you use traction batteries for forklifts, cranes or golf carts, get rid of the old battery
maintenance log and get the Smart Battery Monitoring System installed.

  • No more unpredicted downtimes
  • No more over charge or deep discharge
  • Enhance battery life
  • Avoid abuse & misuse
    We offer:
  • Multiple batteries across different locations through a central console
  • Cloud-based software application, handling complex data, yet presenting a simple
  • Real time tracking as well as historical usage analysis
    Save time, save money and gain peace of mind with Vintech.

Data Centre Batteries
Save money and energy, while leaving a green footprint.
IoT has made inroads into every field. How can Data Centre batteries be left behind?
Vintech brings the Smart Battery Monitoring System (SBMS) for data centre UPS’.
SBMS connects your Data Centre batteries through individual sensors & tracks the
performance of each battery in the bank.

  • Track your backup-time live
  • Predict failure & avoid downtime during power outage

With our Smart Battery Monitoring System, you can do the following in real time:

  • Monitor the battery performance
    1. Track battery parameters like voltage, temperature, charging & discharging, current, SoC & SoH
    2. Track exact usage
  •  Monitor multiple batteries in different locations through a central console

Energy Meters
Electricity-saving solutions from Vintech
Keep track of the electricity consumed in your organisation at regular intervals. Improve your
bottom line by taking action based on energy consumption data, with our solutions that work
for all industry verticals.
Eurotech Gateways capture the electricity consumption parameters from the digital energy
meters and make them available on Cloud platforms like PowerBI or on a Web App.
Advantages of the software:

  • Meter readings available on a cloud platform
  • Multiple meters can be configured through a single Eurotech Gateway
  • Energy parameters captured for analysis:
    1. Voltage
    2. Current
    3. PF
    4. Frequency
    5. Meter Reading

Electricity saved is electricity generated. Contribute to a greener earth with Vintech.

Imaging & Printing

Imaging, printing, and document management solutions from Vintech

Vintech offers Managed Print Services (MPS) for an HP Printer setup. The MPS contract covers:

Artificial Intelligence

AI: The magic eye that reaches where human eyes cannot.

Go beyond the traditional methods of testing and inspection. When you incorporate AI in your manufacturing systems, you reap the rich benefits of Data Science combined with Artificial Intelligence. Vintech brings to you a Data Science and AI-based machine vision for your manufacturing applications.Take your business growth to the next level with AI Replace the manual method of visual inspection in your factory by automated camera based technology using machine learning (ML) algorithms. The benefits:

  • Reduce processing times from minutes to seconds
  • Ease operator work
  • Zero errors
  • No damage to equipment

Vintech leverages its technical expertise to help you understand, select and implement the right AI solution for your business. As a result, Vintech has joined hands with NVIDIA, a company at the forefront of AI computing leadership. Solutions provided by Vintech x NVIDIA:

  • GPU Cards
  • Supercomputers – DGX Systems

Industry Verticals:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Higher education and research

Smart Manufacturing Systems

Smart Manufacturing Systems ? A new way to manage your factories

Vintech helps you stay connected with the 4Ms – Man, Method, Machine and Material. We
make your factories ‘smart’ by designing, configuring and deploying the right IoT solutions in
your factory.
With Smart Manufacturing Systems you can:

  • Replace manual processes with digital, more efficient processes
  • Monitor performance of:
    1. End-to-end production process
    2. Machines & equipment
    3. Operators, workers and other employees
  • Track and trace inventory at every step
  • Establish product traceability
  • Reduce expenditure on:
    1. Operator Time
    2. Machine Downtime
    3. Energy Bills

HP Authorized Service Provider

Services Delivery

Vintech is amongst the Top 5 HP ExpertOne Service Providers in India. Vintech brings the entire suite of HP product services for servers, storage, desktops, laptops, workstations, printers and networking.We have a strong team of HP Certified Engineers to diagnose and handle all customer complaints quickly and efficiently. Vintech has an automated Call-to-Closure Service Management System, developed in-house, delivering quick tracking and prompt status updates.

Vintech assures a 4hr response time and commitment to resolution of queries as per SLA agreements. The Entire process is certified and compliant with ISO 9001:2015.

The HPI & HPE Services Include
  • Warranty services
  • AMC services
  • Post-warranty break-fix services
  • Multi-Vendor AMC services
HPE Value-added Services
  • HPE Annuity/Contractual Services
  • HPE Proactive Select, Proactive Care, Data Center Care (DCC), Data Center Infrastructure Operations (DCIO) – specialised services from HPE to efficiently and proactively manage the data centre environment as well as more sophisticated & critical IT infrastructure
  • Warranty upliftment & extension services through HPE Care Pack
  • HPE Packaged Consulting Services like Network Audit, Storage Assessment etc.
  • Education services – Cloud, ITIL, Red Hat, VMware

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services by Vintech are comprehensive and cost-effective. We offer AWS Cloud Solutions that help you modernise your IT, respond flexibly to any altercations and compete in a digitally transformed world while meeting your business objectives.

Enhance agility and reduce your time-to-market with our 24×7 proactive monitoring and seamless cloud management. With our expertise, we help organisations define their cloud roadmap, plan and execute their migration strategy to the cloud with ease and monitor deployed solutions proactively.

By choosing cloud solutions by Vintech, you choose:

  • Performance
  • Deployment Speed
  • Security
  • Consistency & Reliability
  • Scalability & Flexibility
  • Customization
  • Cost-effective Plans

What Vintech Offers

– Amazon EC2 & Amazon EBS with the security of Amazon Cloud Watch Alarms, Amazon EBS Snapshots, Amazon IAM and Amazon MFA
– Automation in the cloud environment using the Amazon Lambda function
– Scalable & secure digital solutions for archiving and backing up critical data

We also provide:

  • Amazon ELB/ALB
  • Amazon AutoScaling Execution
  • Amazon Elastic IP
  • Amazon Security Group
  • Amazon VPC Implementation
  • Amazon Route53 Execution
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Glassier
  • AWS Elastic Cache
  • AWS Cloud Watch Implementation
  • Deployment of Projects
  • Migration to Amazon
  • Backup Scheduling
  • Suggestions on the existing environment, and more.

Services – Vintech

Vintech Managed Services

Manage your business on the go with VMS – Vintech Managed Services.
Make the switch from manual to automated management systems. Manage all critical and tedious IT admin tasks through a single console. Using worry-free automated tools like Kaseya, InTune or HPE Software:

  • Track assets
  • Deploy updates and patches
  • Control software compliance
  • Secure end-point devices
  • Restrict unsolicited internet access
  • Optimise hardware usage

Using MDM / MAM tools:

  • Optimise hardware usage
  • Manage and control:
    • Company apps
    • Web access
    • Sensitive & critical data on employee tablets, phablets and smartphones

Vintech offers selective services and resources to manage your facilities, on your premises.
Top up the basic management with Antivirus Security or End-Point Backup and Recovery services; deploy these tools on premises or via Cloud. Our pool of qualified and dedicated engineers address diverse SLA needs, varied technologies and complex environments. Augment manual skills with the latest remote and automated management tools from Kaseya, HPI, HPE and Microsoft Systems Centre. Manpower resources are covered under all statutory employment and insurance norms like PF, ESI, PA, Workmen’s Compensation, Professional Indemnity etc., assuring you peace of mind.

Non-Comprehensive Maintenance contract
Schedule maintenance and services for IT assets including the very crucial preventive