Smart Products

Traction Battery

Smart Battery Monitoring System
If you use traction batteries for forklifts, cranes or golf carts, get rid of the old battery
maintenance log and get the Smart Battery Monitoring System installed.

  • No more unpredicted downtimes
  • No more over charge or deep discharge
  • Enhance battery life
  • Avoid abuse & misuse
    We offer:
  • Multiple batteries across different locations through a central console
  • Cloud-based software application, handling complex data, yet presenting a simple
  • Real time tracking as well as historical usage analysis
    Save time, save money and gain peace of mind with Vintech.

Data Centre Batteries
Save money and energy, while leaving a green footprint.
IoT has made inroads into every field. How can Data Centre batteries be left behind?
Vintech brings the Smart Battery Monitoring System (SBMS) for data centre UPS’.
SBMS connects your Data Centre batteries through individual sensors & tracks the
performance of each battery in the bank.

  • Track your backup-time live
  • Predict failure & avoid downtime during power outage

With our Smart Battery Monitoring System, you can do the following in real time:

  • Monitor the battery performance
    1. Track battery parameters like voltage, temperature, charging & discharging, current, SoC & SoH
    2. Track exact usage
  •  Monitor multiple batteries in different locations through a central console

Energy Meters
Electricity-saving solutions from Vintech
Keep track of the electricity consumed in your organisation at regular intervals. Improve your
bottom line by taking action based on energy consumption data, with our solutions that work
for all industry verticals.
Eurotech Gateways capture the electricity consumption parameters from the digital energy
meters and make them available on Cloud platforms like PowerBI or on a Web App.
Advantages of the software:

  • Meter readings available on a cloud platform
  • Multiple meters can be configured through a single Eurotech Gateway
  • Energy parameters captured for analysis:
    1. Voltage
    2. Current
    3. PF
    4. Frequency
    5. Meter Reading

Electricity saved is electricity generated. Contribute to a greener earth with Vintech.