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Magic eye that reaches where human eyes cannot

Go beyond the traditional methods of testing and inspection. Incorporate AI in your
manufacturing system and reap the rich benefits of Data Science and AI.

Vintech brings to you Data Science and AI based machine vision for your manufacturing applications.

Take your business growth to the next level with AI
Replace manual method of visual inspection in your factory by automated camera-based
technology using the machine learning algorithms.

The benefits:

  • Time taken drastically cut down from minutes to a couple of seconds
  • Easing out the strain on operators
  • Zero errors
  • No damage to equipment

Vintech leverages its technical expertise and helps you in understanding, selecting and
implementing the right AI solution for your business. For this Vintech has joined hands with
NVIDIA a company at the forefront of AI computing leadership.

Vintech provides the solutions architecture with NVIDIA

  • GPU Cards
  • Supercomputers – DGX Systems

Industry Verticals

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Higher education and research