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Manage your business on the go with VMS – Vintech Managed Services.?Manage all your critical and tedious IT admin tasks through single console.?Make the switch from manual to the automated managed system.?Track assets, deploy updates and patches, control software compliance, secure end point devices, restrict unsolicited internet access, and optimise hardware usage – all through worry-free automated tools like Kaseya, InTune or HPE Software.?Optimize hardware usage, manage and control your company’s Apps, web access and important data on the employees’ tablets, phablets and smartphones – All through MDM / MAM tools.?Top up the basic management with Antivirus Security or End-Point Backup and Recovery services?Deploy the tool on premise or through Cloud?Vintech offers selective services and resources to manage your facilities – on your premises?Pool of qualified dedicated engineers address diverse SLA needs, varied technologies and complex environment?The manual skills augmented with latest remote and automated management tools from Kaseya, HPI, HPE and Microsoft Systems Centre?Manpower Resources are covered under all statutory employment and insurance norms like PF, ESI, PA, Workmen’s Compensation, Professional Indemnity etc., assuring you peace of mind.

Non-Comprehensive Maintenance contract:

Schedule maintenance and services for IT asset including preventive maintenance.