One of the most asked for comparison is between two of the HP?s most selling laptops series- HP ELITEBOOK and HP PROBOOK. So we heard your call and curated a subtle minimalistic comparison between both the devices.

The idea of comparison given below is not to bore you with technical details, but help you understand the lifestyle and companionship that is offered with both the devices. Keep reading to find if you are an EliteBook person or a ProBook one.

HP EliteBook is a series of premium ranged performance laptops, which are meant to stand out from the crowd.


HP PROBOOK is a series alternative to EliteBook.If you are a little too tight on budget but still want a laptop that would perform well.


Large businesses and enterprise executives make up the majority portion of the EliteBook users club.


Medium and small businesses and enterprise executives make up the majority portion of the ProBook users.



Catering to the need of its Elite customers, EliteBook comes with MIL-STD 810G, military-grade specifications for extra durability, and enhanced security.


ProBook also offers military-grade durability and has enough power to tackle your day to day business task with precision.


EliteBook is priced at a premium cost, but it undeniably justifies its price point with all the perks and benefits that come with it.


ProBook is priced lower than the EliteBook, owing to the needs of its majority customer base.


EliteBook packs some serious computing power and battery life, which is more than enough for you to push your limits at work, all day every day.


Though EliteBook trumps the ProBook when it comes to multitasking and resource intensive task handling, but it doesn?t mean that ProBook incapable of performing well. In its class, it still stands tall among its competitors, and so does the EliteBook.



I hope this comparison will give you an overview of both the laptops- EliteBook and ProBook, and you would at least know which one to seek more information about.

You can always comment below and let us know your thoughts, reviews or suggestions, if any.


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