What is new about HP?s New Elite Dragonfly G2

hp elite dragonfly laptop

HP has held the entire digital world in its thrall with the release of HP Elite Dragonfly laptop; arguably the company?s most stunning business notebooks, packed with even more stunning features! Equipped with mobility, performance, security, and everything that a remote worker might require, the lightweight laptop won the hearts of the modern business magnates.

Riding high on this welcome reception of the latest business laptop, HP has already announced an upgraded version ? the HP Elite Dragonfly G2. This model comes with even more exciting features, encased in the same exquisite blue design.

Let us see what the new Dragonfly version has brought to the digital table ?

In-built Tile Tracker

This notebook seems to be breaking records of every kind. Apart from being the world?s lightest compact business convertible, the Dragonfly G2 has become the first laptop with an in-built Tile tracker.

The Tile app?s Bluetooth tracker has proven to be a boon for those who habitually lose their keys, wallets, phones, and cameras. The tracker is a good option for hunting down laptops as well, but comes with the unwanted necessity of sticking a physical tracker to the device.

HP removed this hiccup by joining forces with Tile, and integrating a tracker that will allow you to locate your Dragonfly G2 from the Tile app, without the need of any external device. To sweeten the deal even further, this tracker allows you to sniff out the device even when it is powered off, increasing your chances of locating your laptop in case it gets lost or stolen.

5G Support

Answering the call of even faster internet speeds, HP has introduced the option of Qualcomm X55 LTE + 5G modem in the upgraded Dragonfly model. However, this feature will not be available until mid-2020.

10th Gen Intel Processors

Stepping up from the current 8th Gen processors, the Dragonfly G2 comes armed with 10th Gen processors for even more powerful performance. Similar to 5G, this feature will also be available from sometime around mid-2020.

Along with more power, security and faster connectivity, the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 also offers increased storage options up to 2TB for those who need more space.


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