How to Prevent Identity Theft While Working on the go

Prevent Identity Theft While Working

IDENTITY THEFT ? the major issue all over the world! Be it offline or online, you ought to be careful with your personally identifiable information. However, professionals who constantly travel face identity theft problem more than often. Hence, as they say ?Prevention is better than cure?; it is always advisable to take some basic defensive steps to prevent identity theft while traveling or commuting for work.

Let?s look through certain tips that will help protect and defend your identity on the go.

#Avoid posting plans on social media

However a big social media bug you are, when travelling for work, avoid posting it on your pages and accounts. Your organizations? data is your responsibility. You never know who is following you or tracking your invaluable information and data.

#Carry a document-holder

When you are traveling, the possibility is that you have your official documents, office credit cards, etc. Make sure that you have a secure document carrier and it is always with you. Leaving it at your lodging or with the other person is not a great idea.

#Try avoiding public Wi-Fi

A business person should make it a rule to carry their internet devices and modems at all the times. The public Wi-Fis are prone to clone site attacks, a middle man keeping track of your online activities and many more. Firewalls and anti-viruses help, but only to an extent. So, better not rely and be on your own!

#Keep an eye on prying eyes

Even if you have handled all the technical possibilities, what about the human intervention! The prying eyes on your screen are as harmful as any virus. The financial transactions, password, pins can be visually hacked. Make sure you have a secure screen such as HP?s integrated privacy screen, which doesn?t let anyone else see what?s on your screen.


To be secure while travelling may not be easy, but it isn?t impossible either. Small steps toward defending and protecting your identity offline and online can save your from a threat of attacks and might cost you fortune. For more such information, contact Vintech Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd.


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