5G and Data Centers: What will change?

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We are transcending through an era of digital disruption, and internet bandwidth can be termed as the heartbeat of the networks. As more and more data is being uploaded and consumed online, a robust and fast networking is the only solution to cope up with the increasing latency and delays.

Advent of 5G in India can be the next big thing for streaming, AI and bandwidth-intensive services, which otherwise have been struggling to provide a seamless experience to its users. 5G technology has the capability to bring down the latency to one millisecond at speeds around 1Gbps to 10Gbps, which is 10X to 100X improvement over currently offered 4G services.

However, how easy or difficult it is to adopt 5G technology across the nation? A serious thought needs to be given regarding the infrastructure development to support the technology. Vision of increased speed, lower latency and technology expansion seems perfect, but first, data center solution providers will need to make sure that they have the right infrastructure to proceed with the plan, in order to revolutionize the data centers with 5G technology.

Data Center infrastructure is due its upgrade.

Existing 4G technology is based on the ?one-to-one? connectivity logic. The end-users device is connected to its nearest tower and as he or she moves from one location to other, the connectivity transits from one tower to other, depending upon the users? location.

5G technology on the other hand is built on the ?many-to-one? principle; single device is connected to many antennas and towers at the same time, rendering higher data transfer rates and lesser latency. More antennas and towers installation will have to be done, in order to support seamless 5G connectivity.

Constructing and maintaining ?Edge Data Centers? will help us put the users? data at the nearby locations, which will then be processed locally, ultimately increasing the speed and reducing the latency. This method skips around the usual method of sending and receiving data from the cloud storage.

Retrofitting the old data centers or building the new ones that support 5G will require almost 100X more resources than 4G. Data center trinity ? Power, Space and Cooling – will have to be revamped completely to house the new technology, and that is going to cost enough if not exorbitantly.

Apart from the technological aspects of the 5G data center, we will also have to crucially analyze and control its impact on the environment. Data center architects will have to plan the constructions in a way that it leaves minimum carbon footprints behind and has zero to no negative effect on its surroundings.

On-boarding?new technicians and professional will be a must.

Since the 5G technology is yet to arrive in the market, finding people who are experts in handling the 5G infrastructure is difficult. Most of the technically sound personals are employed in 4G technology-based institutions and await training in 5G domain to become proficient.

The entities that are already in the 4G market need to maintain their existing roles and responsibilities, while preparing their workforce to be well versed with 5G technology as well.

Be ready to have the competitive edge with 5G Data Centers.

Today?s 4G technology operates at 1GHz frequency spectrum, while 5G is intended to operate at the frequency of 28-39 GHz. This transition will help us traverse more data at faster speeds and lesser latency.

Marketers and early adopters of 5G will have no problem in capitalizing the benefits of 5G over 4G. Early birds will garner the most responses from the market, but with time as the technology starts maturing, they will have to prove their worth, just like others who would have joined the club by then.

Most of the aspects of adopting 5G technology are exciting and rewarding. As the market for IoT, data intensive devices and services increase, more and more people will readily switch to 5G technology. Point being, that you will have to plan well before you go ahead with executing your 5G data center projects.


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