VIRTUALISATION (Desktop to Data Center)

Initially Virtualisation technology started from the need of utilising server resources optimally. Since last one decade this technology has stabilised and given high returns to the customers by consolidating their existing server infrastructure. This has resulted in reducing the power consumption, foot print in datacentre, management costs etc.

In the early stages only large enterprise corporate customers were utilising this technology, but now- a-days even small SMB customers also can be benefited with the virtualisation technology.

Virtualisation technology now covers all aspects of IT infrastructure like servers, storage, network & endpoint devices. Vintech understands and has got skill sets to deploy all these technologies across above mentioned IT infrastructure. Also Vintech understands needs of large corporate customers & SMB customers & design solutions to suit their needs. We offer Server Virtualization solutions from Vmware, Citrix and Microsoft. For new customers, we offer consultancy and help them to deploy, manage virtualised servers.

Those who are using server virtualization, we help them to continue their virtualization journey in Desktop, Storage and Networking leading to a Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC).

Virtualization Solutions will increase efficiency and availability of resources. Hardware costs are significantly lowered and hardware management is optimized through sharing devices and resources. With Virtualization, the customer can create redundancy in the Datacenter & Fault Tolerant environment, with flexibility of online migration, vMotion & instant deployment of servers. Vintech helps customer for virtualizing the compute as well as Network, Storage with Automation called Software Define Data Centre (SDDC). You can also create virtual versions of your resources and utilize them over multiple devices.

Vintech's virtualization solutions that help you to:

  • Run multiple operating systems on a single server or client, reduce the Data Center footprint.
  • Improve productivity by consolidating hardware and faster Server Provisioning.
  • Reduce IT expenses, save energy, go green.
  • Optimize IT management and maintenance, increase uptime.
  • Quick implementation of new servers & applications helps to move things on Cloud.
  • Improve security by bringing down firewall near to resources.
  • Guaranteed uptime as compare to traditional environment.
  • Milestone to create customer own private cloud.
  • Virtualization software from Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Parallels and Red Hat.

  • An HMS software is key to run the operations of any major hospital.  Ruby Hall has a legacy HMS , which was not accessible from anywhere, although it  was a critical business need.  Vintech understood this pain point perfectly and implemented Citrix XenApp solution to make the legacy software available from anywhere and on any handheld device , resulting in quick decision making by the management.

    - Mr. Anand Patil, General Manager – IT
    Ruby Hall Clinic
  • Vintech's strong skillset for Citrix products helped us to build wireless branch office. This has improved the productivity and efficiency of the branch office and so of the organization.

    - Mr. Sudhir Shotre, Manager - IT
    Cosmo Films
  • Vintech team has invested good quality time in understanding our problem of accessing core application at Remote Warehouses over low bandwidth. Vintech took effort to do the proof of concept of Citrix products which helps us in decision making of buying Citrix XenApp.

    - Mr. Kiran Rahatkar, Manager - IT